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Learning a new language is very rewarding experience. Children especially have a lot to gain as they intuitively understand that language is something to explore, to have fun with and to enjoy. Their enthusiasm is contagious and effective. The joy with which children explore their first language makes childhood the ideal time for a second language. Children usually get native-like accent as they are attuned to slight differences in tone and sound.

  • Kids French for Fun classes

    • Our “French for fun” class is initiating children from 5 to 9 years old to French through games, songs and playful activities. Conveniently at  your home with a group of little friends or as an extramural at school.

  • French speaking au pair / nanny

    • Would you like your child to hear French at home and  play in French? A teacher can introduce words and songs while the parents, nanny or au pair can further reinforces what was learned by offering activities and language exposure at home through CDs, books, games, videos and more.

  • Kids cooking classes

    • What could I do for my child’s birthday? Organize a cooking class and get your little darlings bake some yummy treats, and French specialities like fondant au chocolat, madeleines and clafoutis.

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